Apex Legends S3 | World's Edge - Signs

I had the opportunity to help out on the tail end of the development of World's Edge. I was responsible for the World's Edge/New Dawn signs as well as the street signs throughout Capitol City. The World's Edge/New Dawn signs were created through a combination of new models and kit bashing. The texture of the sign was created by Brandon Pirruccello. Props, terrain, and other materials in the scene were made by multiple artists.

Environment Art Team:
Robert Taube
Jose Zavala
Lewis Walden
Mike Altamirano
Kristen Altamirano
Tri Do
Jake Virginia
Austin Arnett
Tragan Monaghan
Paul Tran
Brooke Olson
Hans Myaard
Eugene Kim
Richard Rude
Leah Augustine
Jobye Karmaker