Apex Legends S6 | World's Edge - Launch Site

I had the opportunity to work on the Launch Site area added to World’s Edge in the Season 6 update of Apex Legends. My main responsibilities included terrain, catwalks, set dressing, propagation, and the creation of a few small props. The buildings were created by Jake Virginia and Richard Rude. The rocket was created by Richard Rude. Lighting is by Austin Arnett. Game dev is a collaborative effort. Many assets, textures, and props were pulled from our library and were created by multiple artists.
Environment Art Team:
Robert Taube
Jose Zavala
Lewis Walden
Mike Altamirano
Kristen Altamirano
Tri Do
Jake Virginia
Austin Arnett
Tragan Monaghan
Paul Tran
Brooke Olson
Hans Myaard
Eugene Kim
Richard Rude
Leah Augustine
Jobye-Kyle Karmaker