Apex Legends S7 | Olympus - Hydroponics Assets

I had the opportunity to create a few of the assets used in the Hydroponics and Grow Towers area of Olympus for Season 7 of Apex Legends. I worked closely with Paul Tran on the development of the style of these areas, especially Hydroponics. Paul was responsible for the surrounding terrain work and propagation in those areas. I modeled, textured, polished and optimized many of the assets used in these areas. I also developed a plastic trim sheet material in Maya and Substance Designer, which is used on the majority of these assets. I also created the plants used in these areas. Some are brand new, while others are texture updates to existing models. Most plants use a material I created in Zbrush and Substance Designer. The yellow robot is a unique asset, textured and baked in Substance Painter. Original concept for it was by Brandon Pirruccello. As always, game development is collaborative and many assets and materials were pulled from our team’s library.

Final Lighting by Austin Arnett
Level Design by Dave Osei
Environment Art Direction by Rober Taube & Lewis Walden


Environment Art Team:
Robert Taube
Jose Zavala
Lewis Walden
Mike Altamirano
Kristen Altamirano
Tri Do
Jake Virginia
Austin Arnett
Tragan Monaghan
Paul Tran
Brooke Olson
Hans Myaard
Eugene Kim
Richard Rude
Leah Augustine
Jobye-Kyle Karmaker
Marcos Shih