Apex Legends S7 | Olympus - Hydroponics Buildings

I had the opportunity to work on the building set for the Hydroponics area in Olympus for Apex Legends Season 7. My main responsibility was the creation of the interiors and exteriors of the orange modular building sets used in Hydroponics and Grow Towers. This included modeling, material work (typically updating or making variants of existing textures with some new material work), set dressing and propagation, the creation of props and assets, first pass lighting, polish, and optimization. Throughout the development of Hydroponics, I worked very closely with Paul Tran. Paul helped develop the initial look of the buildings and did the surrounding terrain work and propagation in those areas. As always, game development is collaborative and many assets and materials were pulled from our team’s library.

Final Lighting by Austin Arnett
Level Design by Dave Osei
Environment Art Direction by Robert Taube & Lewis Walden


Environment Art Team:
Robert Taube
Jose Zavala
Lewis Walden
Mike Altamirano
Kristen Altamirano
Tri Do
Jake Virginia
Austin Arnett
Tragan Monaghan
Paul Tran
Brooke Olson
Hans Myaard
Eugene Kim
Richard Rude
Leah Augustine
Jobye-Kyle Karmaker
Marcos Shih